Saturday, October 19, 2013

T-shirt embroidery

Made these t-shirts for a friend's 50th birthday.   My first thought was just to make the t-shirts for the guys but I ended making for the ladies as well.  I went on the internet and bought these designs.  Although the timing says 23 mins to sew the design, I think it took more than that because the thread tend to break more than once!!!  I had to prewash all the t-shirts before sewing.  The website from which I bought the designs also give tips on how to sew embroidery on t-shirts and towels!!!  There's so much to learn!!!!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lynda's quilt

Pin basting the next quilt for machine quilting.  I almost finish a quilt for her but if you remember a while back I had a major incident with water leaking through the ceiling.  That quilt was soaked and some of the red colour ran on the white fabric.  I couldn't possibly give her that quilt so I decided to replace it with this one!!!
It's a log cabin quilt and I made this some time back.  It was in the cupboard among all the other UFOS!!  This quilt was already basted with thread but I ripped out the thread and removed the old batting.  I replaced the batting with a thinner batting so that it will be easier for me to machine quilt.