Friday, November 21, 2008

This is one of the most interesting quilt that I have done! I used the same border fabric for the kaleidoscopes. I think most of the kaleidoscope quilts are like that or else you can't see the kaleidoscope effect! This quilt size is 92 x 100. Ermmm....How am I going to find time to quilt this??? LOL

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Angela said...

Hallo Janovi,

wow, I like your caleidoscope quilt. It really looks fantastic. A member of my quilting group ( just finished hers (fishes) and that was the first time I saw a caleidoscope quilt.She didn't use the triangles but I like it better the way you did it. I will follow this method maybe in 2009..
I am writing from Germany and since I visit Malaysia since 83 I know it very well and love it. I am happy to find some Malaysian quilters through the internet.

Happy stitching and a very nice Xmas holiday,
Angela from Germany