Monday, June 22, 2009

Tulips N Anemones

Finished the 10 blocks. Started today with the the other 3 corner blocks. When I started this, I didn't know that it will end up as my "carry along" project. Whenever I go out and have to sit and wait for 'someone', this has helped me pass my time very quickly!! Finding time for this at home is also going to be quite tough! My Jacobean Rhapsody is sitting on my quilting frame. I have done some quilting on it. I am also sewing a quilt top for my friend, Regina. It is also in the 'process'!!! LOL

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Angela said...

Hallo Janovi,

Thank you for your comment and the hint to the quayquilters on our blog. Yes, I started the kaleidoscope straight away in December / January and cut 4 really, really old curtains. Now I am assembling the octogones slowly one by one... May take a while or longer!

Wow, a lot of appliqué your Tulips and Anemones! You must really be busy. It looks great.

Here, in Germany, the summer holidays are going to start next week and I am really looking forward to relax and have a bit more time for my sewing.

Have a nice weekend-lah,
until soon,