Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

Here is my Friendship bag and goodies. Had fun putting them together!! Just sent it off to my partner in the US. I hope she likes them. I put together some Japanese fabric, two packets of buttons and two hangers for minature quilts. I've also added a packet of applique needles (these are really, really needles to die for, if you are into applique... LOL) and something for Halloween.

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mama alicianorman said...

Hi Janovi,

How big is your bag for friendship bag swap?..I'm also participate in this and already make mine too. But i think mine look smal..not to sure if i make the right one.. :-( . And what do you use to pos the bag? is it "pos laju"?..I did not pos mine yet, will do that on monday and will hope my bag reach my partner in time..