Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tulips N Anemones

I have just completed these four corner blocks. Took me more than a year to do it! Last June, I managed to complete 10 blocks for the sides of the quilt. As I said, this is my 'while waiting' project!! I bring this with me if I know I have to wait for people......take this out and before you know it, time will just fly by!! Time well spent, don't you agree???.........LOL

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Mrs Picklebalm said...

totally worth the long wait to finnish those blocks. honestly a work of art . I have just been able to add your blog to my blog I am not great at this computer stuff.
thanks so much for those addresses for the quilt shops in KL I shall certainly be looking them up when I am there in January , is it possiblefor you to send me the addresses to my blog ? then I know I shall not delete them my mistake