Sunday, October 10, 2010


We got home from breakfast one morning and found we have a new shower place! When I came in through the front door, I could hear water sounds. Not a good sign when you know nobody is supposed to be home!!! I dropped the shopping bags and rushed upstairs! This is what I found ->
water flowing right through the fan and the lights! And guess what was under the fan????? YES...the Swiftquilter!!! It was a sight I will not forget! The quilt was dripping and water was also on the Juki! The floor was flooded.......the rest you can imagine!!! LOL


luv2quilt2 said...

Disaster is putting it mildly!! I hope you've been able to get everything back to normal.

Mrs Picklebalm said...

Oh My , the same thing happened to us a few years back water also came through our fan in the conservatory on the back of the house, luckily only the fan blew and I managed just to mop all the water up , but you are in a far worse situation
what a shame is everything ruined

Janovi said...

Tomorrow I will set up the quilt on the frame and try out the machine. The red color fabric I used bled! I didn't try to remove the stains because the quilt was soaking wet and I had a lot to do! I will send it to the laundrette after the quilt is done, to see if they can help me remove the stains. I haven't touch the machine because I wanted the water in the machine to dry up first! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow trial run!! LOL

Mrs Picklebalm said...

please let us know how you get on fingers crossed