Monday, March 28, 2011

Grace's tote

This tote is made specially for my niece, Grace. I used this fabric because I know she is very proud of her heritage. Her dad is a native from Sarawak and almost every Gawai (harvest festival) they would travel back to their long house in Kapit.

I bought this fabric from Miri at the handicraft centre. This is actually sarong fabric. There are three distinctive patterns on the sarong. The handles of the bag is made from one pattern.

I used the same fabric for the interior of the bag. Made a pocket for her handphone and purse. I also attached a keyhook at the side for putting her keys.

I hope she likes her tote!!! If not...........any takers out there???? LOL


Roos said...

It's beautiful, i'm sure she will like it very much.

emy said...

hai..i'v been browsng into ur blog all this while and i'm so admired with ur craft works espcialy the nice n lovely..