Sunday, April 10, 2011

I went to visit my sister in KL and came home without my laptop charger! Felt so 'lost' without my laptop! The laptop has become such a personal thing. I mean, I can still use my husband's desktop but it's not quite the same............LOL

Well, I've completed the bag. I used a plain fabric for the inside of the bag. Put some pockets in there as well. For the outside of the bag, I sewed in the middle of the quilted piece (on the lace) to make the pockets.


DiahRothman said...

Janovi, great design and lovely bag, especially the color of fabric.

limpingalong said...

Love the bag! Don't we grow attached to our electronic toys?
I usually take my laptop everywhere but recently took a 3 day trip without it! Yikes! I was out of touch!! How did I survive?