Monday, September 26, 2011

Rescue Mission

WOW! Time just flew by since my last post!!! I have been quite busy working on a few projects at the same time!!
One of it, is this rescue mission!! This quilt top was made by my Aunty Cindy. Her first patchwork project. There were many flaws in this quilt because she just started and didn't pay enough attention to making the blocks all the same size and the quarter inch sewing allowance was not there. She was very reluctant to show us the quilt. But we said constructive and creative criticism is what every quilter should welcome! We all encouraged her to go for a basic patchwork class and she was the one who started the square heart quilt craze! Will post a picture of her quilt later! I didn't want her to be discouraged by her first quilt so I decided to see if I can rescue it!! My quilt challenge for the year!!! The first thing to do is to rip it all apart!! LOL

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