Saturday, November 14, 2015

Knitting looms

I know I have not blog for  quite a while!!  I have been busy with house renovations again!!  To cut the story short...our house was hit by lightning resulting in a little flood in the study downstairs so we decided we might as well renovate a little bit :-)   That took a couple of months to finish and a bit more time for me to settle all the nitty gritty things in the house. But that doesn't mean I was idle and not doing anything!!  In fact, I was doing quite a bit of knitting.  Not with knitting needles but with knitting looms.  I am not a knitter...I really don't know how to knit.  I took a few lessons from Aunty Christina to knit with knitting needles but I gave up.   You know, when the teacher is not there to help you through a difficult stage, you tend to give up!  But I really wanted to make my own scarf and beanie so I bought the knitting looms to try out.  No regrets at all!!  It was so easy!!! I went to Youtube and search for tutorials.   Yay!!!

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