Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clothespin Bag No 4

Thought I'll post another one of the clothespin bag I made.
I will be busy again the next few weeks. Not on holiday though! My husband is going in for his fourth knee surgery. This time the doctor will put a donor ligament in. And inject stem cells after a week. He dreads the 4 hours of physiotherapy everyday that he has to do. This time the duration for his physio will be more than 8 weeks. So guess I will be doing applique blocks at the doctor's waiting room!!! ( I stay more than an hr's drive from the hospital so can't go home!!!)


Adeline said...

Wah so nice ... one for me??? Coming to Singapore to sew soon? Still finishing CC quilt of birds ... blanket stitching the hearts then the border (sorted the colours already).

Anonymous said...

Hi Janovi,

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your kind comment on my quilt.

I don't tweak the machine settings very much when I machine quilt - but I do watch how the stitches turn out, and might just tweak the upper or lower thread tension a little bit. I find that using fine threads (at least 60 wt) helps with the look when quilting with home machine.

Love your clothes pin bag. Your latest quilt looks good too. I love the green/purple color combination.

Hope your husband gets to feeling better soon.