Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Regina's bag

I just saw the date on my last posting!! Time just flew by!! I have been busy with some applique work and also with the Swiftquilter. I am still working on the quilt but I had to dismantle the frame yesterday. The quilt is almost done though! Easter weekend coming up and I have some quests staying over. My friend, Regina, bought this brown printed fabric and asked me to make a tote for her. Took me a few days to make it because I ran out of the brown thread and had to wait a few days before I went into town to buy some!

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limpingalong said...

You are so clever with the bags -- I have plans to make one, and some fabric that I think will be wonderful, but it hasn't happened yet. Now that Hubby has retired perhaps I will get to some of my projects. Meanwhile,