Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eco Bags

Add ImageI went to Nilai the other day with my friend, Haminah. We ended up buying quite a fair bit of these fabrics to make eco grocery bags. These are heavy cotton fabrics and they will make wonderful grocery bags... the fabric is thick enough unlike those green bags in the supermarket which tear easily. Go Green is a good idea but I don't agree with some supermarkets which charge their customers for using the discarded paper boxes there. They should give their customers an option of either paying for the plastic bags or use paper boxes. I know of one supermarket which has prices for different size boxes.......LOL

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FMS said...

Can't wait to see the bags you make out of these! Thanks for replying to my post, by the way. I have also been buying bits and pieces from overseas, mostly on ebay, but they are quite costly especially the postage costs. There's a quilt shop quite close to where I live but the prices are really high unfortunately. Sigh, the things we do to feed this habit, heh heh