Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I couldn't resist making a matching book cover for my Daily Light!! This one is without the pockets and the strap. It's just a simple cover.


FMS said...

Hi Janovi

I just came across your blog. I'm an amateur quilter from Malaysia, and love patchwork and quilting. I looked through some of your earlier posts and I think your work is beautiful!! Where do you get your fabric from? The choices we have here is kinda limited :-(

Janovi said...

I'm also an amateur quilter from Malaysia!!! I know what we have here is limited so I tend to buy my fabric and quilting stuff from overseas. I collected a lot of fabric over the years and I am 'proud' to say I can start on a project anytime if I want to by just opening my cupboard of 'stash' fabric! The nearest quilt shop is about an hour's drive away! LOL