Friday, July 30, 2010

ipad cover

A short story of how this came about! I was in Singapore a week or so ago and Luke called me and said, 'hey! i heard d ipad is coming out on the 23rd.. errr any chance of you getting it for me?' I said,' sure.."without thinking twice! So off I went to Wheellock Place. The fellow at Epi Centre said, 'No more taking orders.. u have to come early on the 23rd n get in the queue...oh.. i heard some ppl are pitching up tents!!!' I told myself no way am I camping overnight to get it!!! So since there is another Epi centre at Ion city, I thought I'll try there. The salesman was a bit more hopeful.. he asked me to come n queue at 8am and get a coupon cos without the coupon, you can't buy the ipad. So on the 23rd morning (took my brother's advice), I got up really early..550AM showered, left the condo at 615AM, walked to Newton Mrt (lucky it was only a few mins' walk) the sky was still dark and I couldn't help feeling rather foolish...all this for an ipad!!! be continued..

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