Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's just one stop to Orchard Mrt from Newton so I arrived there around 630AM! Found my way to Ion City and guess what??? I was not the first in the queue!!!! LOL.. second in fact!!! To cut the story short, I managed to buy two ipads and was the first to pay and get them. There were many people who made a beeline to get the covers but I thought I better buy the ipads and get out of the shop fast!!! For info, the original Apple ipad covers got sold out before the ipads!!! So I had to make this one for Luke!!!
I used the pattern for the Japanese handbag for this but had to modify it a bit because the ipad is smaller in size. I added 1/2 in of the same fabric all round the pattern. Made a flap with magnetic button. This fabric is nice because it doesn't look too feminine! Most of the fabrics I have are printed with tiny flowers of some sort!!

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