Sunday, August 7, 2011

Andrea's quilt

Remember this quilt??? I've finally managed to get it done! I didn't do the quilting myself as I know I am not good enough yet! But I did the binding though! LOL
If anyone of you out there need someone to quilt for you, just send me a message. I will put you in touch with the lady who did this piece for me!! She really did a good job.
As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I went for machine quilting class. It was intensive for us as we (my aunty and I) had only two days to learn whatever we could! The class was from 9am till 5pm and the first day, we stayed till 6pm! I have no regret in going for the class. I wished I had gone much, much earlier! Since coming back home, I have been practicing real hard and I could see some improvement!! I'm so happy!! :-)

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Dina said...

Beautiful work! I can imagine her patience in finishing the details.