Friday, August 12, 2011

Square Heart Quilt

I was back in Miri for a couple of days because Luke wanted to go for a few lessons with the golf pro at Eastwood. The timing was good as I could see to the renovation for my father's house as well. My cousins and two of my aunties are into patchwork so we had a nice time sharing ideas and going to the quilt shop! Aunty Cindy just started doing patchwork so we all thought it is a good idea if she goes and learn some basic patchwork. She chose some blue white fabric (all from my cousin, Michelle's stash!) and a simple pattern for the lesson. We all got carried away and decided that we will use the same pattern but in different colors. All these are fabric are found in my stash!! Cousin Michelle's colors are blue and yellow. Cousin Emma's shades of purple and Aunty Agnes's shades of green. LOL

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