Saturday, October 25, 2014

His and Hers Chinese shirt and blouse

This is my version of a His and Hers Chinese shirt and blouse.   My hubby loves to wear this kind of traditional Chinese shirt during the festive New Year season.  His favourite shirt is old and discoloured so I thought I'll try and make one for him as Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!!  :-)  I have never made a shirt before let alone a Chinese shirt so I did warn him not to expect too much!!  I used his old shirt and drew the pattern out on brown paper making some adjustments...longer..bigger around the waist :-)        I had to readjust a bit here and there because my pattern drawing is not good and this is the final outcome!!!  All ready to usher in the year of sheep 2015!!

This is my version of a Chinese blouse.  I drew this pattern using a blouse I bought from Uniglo.  I just added the mandarin collar and Chinese button.  I had to make adjustment to the V neckline as it was very low and a bit too wide for my liking.  The rectification resulted in a very nice V neckline.  I really like it!

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