Friday, March 13, 2015

More CNY clothes!!

Jenny's CNY blouse

Bought this pattern online from  Be prepared to print and join all the pieces of A4 together (at least 40 pages) :-)   This pattern can be made into a dress as well.  I added stitch lines on the sleeves, bottom  of the blouse and Chinese buttons to make it look more oriental.  I also made slits (not sure if you call it slits!) for the sleeves.

 Luke's CNY shirt 

He said he does't like the red flowery shirt :-(  So I gave it to one of my nephews who was so happy to have it!!!  :-)   It was fun making all the the clothes!!  

Ann's CNY blouse

Cut this pattern out by tracing around an old  blouse of mine!!  I added Chinese buttons on the sleeves on top of the slits.

I did make another dress but I forgot to take a picture of it :-(

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