Monday, March 16, 2015

I did some simple quilting on the quilt top.  My sister added the extra hearts and figures on the top to make it more interesting.  We tried to make it colourful because African fabric colors are very bright and colorful!!  I love the choice of colors on this quilt!!  I think my sister did a fantastic job in chosing the colors!!!

We gave Branden his quilt on Christmas day.

The finished quilt!!!  My sister, Adeline, on the left!!
 We decided everyone should write a message for him a the back of the quilt.

Grandma looking at her granddaughter drawing/writing her message.

Some of the messages on the quilt... It was fun for everyone to draw/write  their messages.  We don't know when we'll see Branden again.  We hope it will be soon and we pray for his health and safety everyday. :-)

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