Monday, February 22, 2010

I was so excited to write on my blog today and show you what I did! Unfortunately, when I clicked on the picture icon, I get an 'error on page' message! I don't know why!! I can't download the picture. Sorry about it!! So I am just going to ramble on for a bit! This is the first time for me to blog without a picture to show!! Well, as you know, this is also the first time I am 'officially' stippling a quilt! It is a queen size quilt so I am going to get a lot of practice on it! When I first started stippling, I was a bit nervous but I told myself that I have to start sometime and it actually get easier as time goes on! The only problem I find myself getting into is uneven stitches. That is the reason why I bought the stipple control with my machine. The stipple control will regulate even stitches but I have to wait till I set up the frame and try it!! The speed of the Juki is really fast which is why it is good for machine quilting! A world of difference from my trusty Janome!! Oh.. about the needles for this Juki...only HL needles can be used! There is a warning sign on the machine about it. The throat for the Juki is also wider than the normal domestic sewing machine. And I like the separate spool of thread for the bobbin!!! LOL

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