Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is my BIG secret!!! Luke bought me a quilting frame and a sewing machine! It works like a longarm but definitely much, much cheaper! It's called the Swiftquilter. This is the 'Extra' package. It comes with an extension...I can extend the bars to accomodate a 108'' quilt. I can actually use my Janome but I didn't want to keep removing it when I want to do some sewing! I want to leave it permanently on the quilting frame. As of this moment, I haven't taken them out of the packaging yet! Need to rearrange my sewing room and mayb get another sewing table!! LOL


DiahRothman said...

Wow, congratulations! In one of my wish list! Hope you can share about it..... I am really interested of getting one, if I can afford it.

mama alicianorman said...

yes wow is right kak diah...where did you get it ?...will you share some picture ?..would like to see how it work :)