Saturday, October 4, 2008

Country Dormouse Doorstop

This pattern was given to me by my cousin, Michelle. I made quite a few of them last year. This project is fun because you can let loose your creativity and dress them up to whatever you fancy! I made two of them a couple of months back but have not dress them up! Two days ago I decided to make 4 more for Christmas. Thinking of giving them away as gifts. :-)


grandmarockton said...

where did the pattern come from? Would like to get one for X-mas gifts also. thanks, just found your blog.

Janovi said...

I'm sorry I dont know where to get the original pattern. I got it from my cousin and I think she got it from a friend of a friend..... All I had is a newspaper cut out of the pattern! LOL If you can give me ur snail mail add, I can send it to you!!