Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finished a Honey Bee block! I was busy with other things so I just find whatever time I have to at least make a sample block! I think it turn out quite nice! LOL I havent decide on the size of the quilt though! I didn't do a good job on the applique! I was doing this while waiting for my husband at the doctor's and I forgot to bring extra needles! The one I was using was quite blunt! (...ahemmm just an excuse for the bad applique)!! LOL


limpingalong said...

Cute pattern.

It is almost time for the Houston International Quilt Festival. Will we see you there?

Janovi said...

Yes, I also think it's a cute pattern. No, you won't see me there! I wished I could go though!! LOL

Quayquilter said...

Hi - thanks for referring to my quilt and I think your choice of colours is very successful. I think the stack and whack blocks are just stunning!
Mary aka Quayquilter