Saturday, October 18, 2008

This one is also very pretty! I would like to show off all the blocks but there are 173 of them! LOL If you have not tried making a kaleidoscope quilt, I hope this project of mine will inspire you!! I have to finish piecing all the Honey Bee blocks before I can carry on with this project. Last Monday, I managed to find the remaining fabrics to complete this project. Can't wait to finish this quilt!!!


This Place is a Disaster! said...

i am just starting quilting - did it take you a jillion yard of fabric to do this type of thing, since each piece seems to be cut out of the same place rather than randomly ilned up?

Janovi said...

No, not a jillion yard of fabric!!! LOL I do not know how to explain the way to make a Stack N Whack Kaleidescope but if you search online, you may find the instructions then you will understand why this quilt pattern do not use or waste a lot of fabric. Good luck to your quilting! Like they said once you start, you cant stop!! Enjoy!!